Jeffrey Ford, Elizabeth Hand, and Gary K. Wolfe in Conversation

This podcast starts out with Jeff and Liz talking about teaching, ideas, and process. Then the conversation strays to genre boundaries, and we ambush Gary to join us. From there we touch on music and jazz, how musical structure relates to narrative structure, and the history of genre boundaries. Your to-read list will grow long and healthy upon listening.

Note: the piece that Jeff talks about at the end that had us all scratching our heads is Miss Hargreaves by Frank Baker. It was later adapted for stage.


2 thoughts on “Jeffrey Ford, Elizabeth Hand, and Gary K. Wolfe in Conversation

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  • June 18, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    Hi guys, this is some quality b.s.. It was great to hear your voices. I add my chorus to the DuMaurier appreciation. Jeff, you got to read the short stories in Kiss Me Again Stranger as well as in Don’t Look Now. Also check out The Scapegoat and Rebecca and House on the Strand. Liz, I’ll have to check out Jamaica Inn. Dennis


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