Teresa Frohock and Stina Leicht in Conversation

Today’s Locus podcast features Teresa Frohock, author of Miserere, and Stina Leicht, author of Of Blood and Honey. Both of them are part of Nightshade Books‘ fantastic 2011 line-up of debut authors.


This podcast was fraught with technical difficulties, and I want to extend my thanks to Teresa and Stina for putting up with them. Teresa is hearing impaired, so we combined Skype with her telephone captioning service to good effect, and I hope you’ll forgive any roughness introduced by my novice editing skills. In between minor catastrophes, they talked about being a first time author, the perils and temptations of Amazon, the inspiration for their books, the wonder of agents, and the challenge of getting second books written. Another interesting and laughter-filled podcast!


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